The Greenhouse Gas Management Institute (GHGMI)(www.ghginstitute.org)


Residence: United States

Expertise: Agriculture, Energy, Forestry and Other Land Use, Industrial Processes, Transportation, Waste, Mitigation Actions

I am involved in MRV training and capacity building globally.

I am the Dean and Executive Director of the GHG Management Institute where I lead a global professional development and training mission for MRV practitioners. I have been a lead author of multiple IPCC reports and developed and taught numerous courses, including the first courses that certified members of the UNFCCC Expert Review Teams. I supported the CDM and JI programmes as a methodology expert and was a core advisor for the GHG Protocol. Starting in the late 1990s, I co-developed the U.S. GHG national inventory system.

I have dedicated my career to the development of the policies and infrastructure needed to produce highly credible environmental information that can serve as the basis of market and other compliance mechanisms, especially measurement, reporting and verification systems for GHGs. The Coalition is an overdue forum for people who have similarly dedicated themselves to this work to raise the intensity and increase innovation in capacity building so that the Paris Agreement can be a long-term success.

Michael is an author on the IPCC Guidelines, has been nominated to the UNFCCC Roster of Experts, and is co-Editor in Chief of the Carbon Management journal.