The Coalition has developed a list of 14 innovative capacity-building activities. This roster of proposed activities is based in the principles and recommendations in the Coalition’s strategy framework for capacity-building, as well as the on-the-ground experience of Coalition members. These activities will address the capacity gap in a rapid, effective, and efficient manner, and are designed to be adapted to specific country needs.

Institutional Arrangements and Training

  • Activity 1: Facilitative peer assessments and improvements
  • Activity 2: MRV training and tailored scholarships
  • Activity 3: Translation of IPCC course material into Spanish and French
  • Activity 4: Institutional Arrangements Tool
  • Activity 5: Embedding transparency training and education into existing academic and research institutions
  • Activity 6: New transparency (MRV) training curriculum
  • Activity 7: Informal benchmarking and tracking country levels of transparency and institutional capacity

Expert and Knowledge Networks

  • Activity 8: Mentor network on transparency
  • Activity 9: Knowledge sharing platform on transparency (MRV)

Other Innovative Activity Concepts

  • Activity 10: Integrated approaches for GHG and air pollution data
  • Activity 11: NGO engagement in national verification/review activities
  • Activity 12: Transparent GHG data presentation and viewers

Global Thought Leadership on Climate Change Capacity Building

  • Activity 13: Secretariat for Coalition on Paris Agreement Capacity Building
  • Activity 14: Launching the first annual Climate Workforce Day

The Coalition activities annex contains fuller descriptions of each proposed activity and information on aspects of implementation. This annex is for limited distribution. To request the activities annex, contact us at [email protected]. Please include a brief description (1-2 sentence) description of your specific interest and intended use of the annex.

This list is a living document and will be updated and refined over time.