The Coalition on Paris Agreement
Capacity Building

Accelerating Capacity Building

With the passage of the historic Paris Agreement on climate change, we now turn to implementation.

With the strengthened political will to combat climate change, the spotlight is now on national decision makers to shape the future of climate action, and quickly.  Transparency is needed more than ever to traverse increasingly ambitious national paths.

If we are to fill the breach between climate science and action, we need a strategic and coordinated effort to help 196 countries strengthen their institutional capacity and workforce.  We have until 2020 before the Agreement’s targets go into effect.

Investments in national capacities for the implementation of the Paris Agreement must be bigger, faster, and far smarter than previous efforts.

We acknowledge a substantial disconnect between the national pledges enshrined in the Paris Agreement and the ability of most countries to reduce emissions, as well as measure and transparently report their greenhouse gas emissions and mitigation actions.

It is the mission of the Coalition on Paris Agreement Capacity Building to accelerate the discussion on an inclusive and smart global strategy on capacity building. We aim to do this by creating a forum for practitioners to coordinate.  By bringing together global experts on both climate change capacity building and MRV (measuring, reporting, and verification), the Coalition is working to develop consensus recommendations for a capacity-building strategy that we will share with the UNFCCC and other stakeholders.

See our About the Coalition page to learn more about our activities and our phased approach to informing strategic capacity building under the Paris Agreement.

Expert Forum

The Coalition acts as an expert forum for the coordination and acceleration of improved capacity building activities.


The Coalition will publish constructive and timely recommendations for a global capacity building strategy.


The Coalition provides expert input to the Paris Committee on Capacity Building (PCCB) and Capacity Building Initiative on Transparency (CBIT).