We are a roundtable of individuals organized as the Coalition on Paris Agreement Capacity Building. We believe there must be a transformation in capacity building for the Paris Agreement to succeed.



The purpose of the Coalition has three parts:

  1. to be an expert forum for the coordination and acceleration of improved capacity building activities undertaken by its members to to collaborate with non-members,
  2. publish constructive and timely recommendations for a global capacity building strategy, and
  3. provide expert input to the Paris Committee on Capacity Building (PCCB) and Capacity Building Initiative on Transparency (CBIT).


Experts Circle:

The Coalition is comprised of a circle of experts with deep experience in both greenhouse gas MRV (measurement, reporting, and verification) and capacity building activities.  Our experts are the basis of all Coalition activities, developing and informing the global strategy for MRV capacity-building in partnership. See our Experts Circle page for a full listing of our current participants and their qualifications.



The Coalition’s actions will occur in three phases.

Phase 1 of the Coalition is a small circle of capacity building “friends” with deep expertise in international capacity building and greenhouse gas MRV.  We are cooperating to promote a smarter and better coordinated global strategy for scalable and country-owned investments in human potential. Coalition experts are diverse in terms of nationality, gender, background, and perspective.

At this time, the Coalition is not a legal entity. Its structure will be determined by the Coalition members as we move into phase 2 later this year.

Phase 2 (later in 2016) will open the Coalition to a larger group of thought leaders on capacity building.  The members of the Coalition will then define a more formal governance structure.

Phase 3 (2017) will expand the mandate and membership of the Coalition to address broader topics such as MRV for adaptation and climate finance.