The Carbon Institute


Residence: Argentina

Expertise: Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use, Finance

Additional language skills: Moderate Spanish (speaking)

I lead the Carbon Institute’s work on building academic programs in key countries on forest and land use carbon accounting (Cameroon, China, Indonesia) in partnership with local academic and government partners. I am a faculty of the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute and also lecture on carbon accounting at the University of California, San Diego. There I designed, accredited and ran a four-week intense Advanced Certificate in Terrestrial Carbon Accounting

I was the science and technical advisor to the Coalition for Rainforest Nations from 2005-2006, in the private sector for 2007, ran the Tropical Forest Group from 2008-2012 (focusing on building capacity in post-conflict areas), was the Director of WWF Forest and Climate program (2012-2014).

Capacity building under the Paris Agreement is the most important challenge facing implementation of ambitious climate change responses. I believe a new coalition can provide important guidance to the policy making community so the development of human capital meets the challenge of climate change. I am joining the Coalition to help develop, share and implement new scales of sustainable, country-owned capacity building that meets their needs.

John-O has been nominated to the UNFCCC Roster of Experts.