Residence: Spain

Expertise: Energy, Industrial Processes, Waste, Mitigation Actions, Adaptation, Projections, Finance

Additional language skills: Spanish, French

My involvement in MRV activities includes providing capacity building support for national inventories, policies and measures, mitigation, adaptation, national communications, biennial reports, and biennial update reports in Spain, Latin American countries and European countries.

The Paris Agreement’s premise is the participation of all, and capacity building is a fundamental precondition for this goal. Despite common challenges on mitigation and adaptation, countries are at different stages of development with different levels of capabilities. Many developing countries still lack the necessary capacity to undertake climate action; capacity building efforts need greater coordination, coherence, monitoring, review and reporting and the Paris Agreement sets a road map on capacity building.

Pepa is a lead reviewer for the UNFCCC and has been nominated to the UNFCCC Roster of Experts.