international climate change consultant


Residence: United States of America

Expertise: Energy, Industrial Processes, UNFCCC reporting and review processes, cross-cutting issues

Additional language skills: Conversational German

I have been active in the reporting and review of GHG inventory information at the project, facility, national and international level for 16 years. At U.S. EPA, I supported development of the U.S. GHG inventory to the UNFCCC (industrial processes and fugitive emissions from coal, oil and natural gas) and was a core member of the team that developed the United States’ first mandatory, facility-level GHG reporting program. Internationally, I have served on, and coordinated, expert review teams for the review of GHG inventories from Annex I Parties and have been involved in the negotiations for GHG inventory reporting and review.

Over the past decade, MRV systems, particularly in Annex I Parties, have grown stronger and more robust. Successful implementation of the Paris Agreement will require us to expand these efforts to enable all countries to consistently generate and publish GHG information according to internationally agreed methods, processes and timelines. Implementing the Paris Agreement will require the international community to not only reflect on the lessons learned by Annex I Parties (both successes and failures) but also to bring together a collective wisdom of experienced individuals to support developing countries. I believe the Coalition will be a strong, collective voice of experience in this process.

Lisa is an author on the IPCC Guidelines, is a leader reviewer for the UNFCCC, has been nominated to the UNFCCC Roster of Experts.