Aether (www.aether-uk.com)


Residence: United Kingdom

Expertise: Energy, Industrial Processes, Transportation, Mitigation Actions, National Systems and MRV

I provide expert support and tools development for teams tracking historical trends, projections and the effectiveness of policies and measures for greenhouse gases and air pollutants in the United Kingdom and UK regions and cities, the European Union and a number of individual European countries, Ireland, Iceland, the Caribbean, the Balkans and South Africa. I have 20 years experience in building and operating MRV systems for mitigation actions (inventories, projections and mitigation action tracking). I am an expert in the estimation of GHGs and air pollutants and experienced in building teams of experts for MRV.

I believe in building sustainable teams of local people with expertise that can support decision makers accelerate action. I believe in focusing on empowering the right people and helping to make their roles in supporting their countries’ decision-makers valuable and sustainable.

Justin is an author on the IPCC Guidelines, a lead reviewer for the UNFCCC, and has been nominated to the UNFCCC Roster of Experts.